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Dr. Eric DeRoche performs Active Release Technique on a patient


Our bodies were made to move and helping you to move well is one of the primary goals of the team at Velo Sports Rehab.  We utilize patient-specific exercise rehabilitation that gets your symptoms under control and gets you back to your activities quickly. 

Dr. Eric DeRoche demonstrates exercise rehabilitation with a patient..jpg

This is not the place to find cookie cutter exercise protocols.  Each exercise that we give you is targeted to your specific needs, which helps you make the most of your valuable time and gets you back to 100% quickly.

Patients should expect to receive expert one on one instruction for all of their exercises.


Most of the exercises that we prescribe can be done at home using inexpensive tools, or if you have access to a gym or specialized equipment your doctor will be able to instruct you on how you can incorporate those tools into your rehab program.

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