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Dr. Eric DeRoche performs Active Release Technique on a patient


Chiropractic adjustment is a technique used by chiropractors to address joints with decreased mobility.  Although chiropractic adjusting is most often used in the spine, our doctors are also extensively trained in adjustment of extremities, with the wrist and ankle being the two most common areas addressed.


The benefits of chiropractic adjusting go beyond developing mobility, as the adjustments have been shown to decrease pain sensation and to help reset the nerve endings that sense position of the joints.  The end result of this is better overall mobility and improved function.

Patients receiving an adjustment can expect the doctor to bring the affected joint to the edge of its range of motion, then deliver a short fast bump that will often result in a popping sound.  This sound is made by the formation and collapse of gas bubbles inside the joint and is called a cavitation.  Chiropractic adjusting is a safe and effective tool for addressing localized pain and loss of mobility.

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